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/files/Elders  Deacons/E - Charles Elk.jpgCharles Elk has served as an elder of the Buckingham Road congregation since June, 2006.  Cindy and Charles placed membership at Buckingham Road in January, 1987.  They have been active as Bible Class teachers, youth group sponsors, care group leaders and a variety of other congregational activities.  Charles has been a Christian since August, 1970.


Cindy is from Comanche, Texas and graduated from high school there. She also graduated from York College and Tarleton State University. Charles is from Bonham, Texas. He graduated from Bonham High School and Texas A & M University. Charles works for Oncor Electric Delivery in Dallas where he is a customer service manager. Cindy and Charles were married in November, 1986. They have two teenaged children, Collin and Carissa, who attend Sachse High School.


/files/Elders  Deacons/Jeff Faris.JPG Jeff Faris has served as an elder for the Buckingham Road congregation since June 2006.  He had served as a deacon since April 1984 working the visitation program, new Christian mentoring, benevolence, youth ministry and Care Groups.  Jeff, his wife Reta placed themselves under the Buckingham Road eldership in February 1981. Jeff was baptized in April 1964 by his father.


Jeff was born on September 2, 1952 in Raleigh, N.C to Ed and Zorita Faris. He and his three sisters were raised in Davis, CA. Jeff graduated with a BS from Virginia Tech and a Masters from SMU - both in Mechanical Engineering. Jeff and Reta were married on August 22, 1975 in Virginia and moved to Dallas in 1976 when Jeff started working for Texas Instruments. Reta was a homemaker for most of her married life but worked as a caterer and interior decorator for ten years while our sons were in college. Their three sons, Josh, Nick and Ben are married and have given them 2 grandchildren thus far.


/files/Elders  Deacons/Willie Hunter.jpgWillie Hunter has served as an elder for the Buckingham Road congregation since April 1993.  He became a part of the Buckingham Road family in August 1981 at which time his wife Mae and two sons Willie Jr. and Jeff were baptized.  Willie was baptized in 1962 at the Lawrence and Marder Church of Christ in East Dallas.    


Willie was born May 15, 1950 to Mary and Maston B. Hunter.  He was the youngest of the 4 boys and had 1 sister.  Willie graduated from SMU in 1972 with a BS in Journalism and did his graduate work in Public Administration at the University of Texas in Arlington.  Willie taught school in the DISD, and worked in the film and movie industry prior to becoming president of Beck N Call Cleaning Services.  Mae worked as an administrator for Harris Corp. in Addison, Texas before joining Willie full time in the business.  He and Mae were married in June 1970 in Dallas, Texas. They have two sons Willie Jr and Jeff – both are married and each has a child. 


/files/Elders  Deacons/Dale Johnson.jpgDale Johnson has served as an elder of the Buckingham Road congregtion since December, 1976.  Dale, wife Noretta, sons Kevin and Quinn and daughter Michelle became part of the Buckingham Road family in March 1976, after moving to Richardson from Lubbock. 


Dale was a district manager for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.  He retired from the company in 1991 after 27 years of service.  Noretta has served as secretary of the Buckingham Rod church since Aug. 1, 1981.  Their children all are married and reside in area cities.  The Johnsons have seven grandchildren. Dale and Noretta both grew up in small towns near Lubbock. He was baptized in 1950; she in 1951. They married Dec. 23, 1956, in Lubbock.  Dale received B.S and M.A. degrees from Texas Tech University.  He was a high school teacher and newspaper reporter/editor before joining Southwestern Bell.  Dale served in the U.S. Army from July 1960-July 1962. Dale was born June 7, 1937, in Lubbock; parents Carl and Elva Johnson. Dale was youngest of four children; two brothers and one sister.


/files/Elders  Deacons/Kurt Simmons.JPG Kurt Simmons has served as an elder for the Buckingham Road congregation since June, 2006.  He had served as a deacon for several years in the education area, leads singing as part of the worship ministry, and works with the administrative functions of the church.  Kurt, his wife Jean, and two children Kelly and Mark became a part of the Buckingham Road family in December, 1986.  Beth was born a short time later.


Kurt was born on May 28, 1954 in Japan to Joe and Liz Simmons, while his father was in the Air Force.  He returned to the States before he was a year old and as a military kid, moved around until his father retired in 1963 and settled in east Texas at Lake Tawakoni.  His mother taught several years at Wills Point, while he and his father raised cattle.  Kurt met Jean, of New Albany, Mississippi, while attending Harding University and after both graduated in May, 1976, were married in July.  Kurt finished Harding with a B.S. in accounting, became a CPA in 1979, and has worked in public accounting firms since graduation.  After stops in McAlester, Oklahoma and Tupelo, Mississippi, his family moved to Richardson in 1985.  He presently is a part owner in a local Dallas public accounting firm and Jean has primarily been a homemaker, while occasionally working as a secretary for Kurt’s firm.  Kelly and Mark are both married and each has given them one grandchild to date.  Beth is completing her studies at Harding University. 


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Nick Blaylock

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Monnie Cates

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David Foster   

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 Mitch Harding

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Dennis Killingsworth

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 Mark Partlow

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George Uhlig

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  Sait Persad

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  Mark Resmini

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Kevin Sweetser  

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  Ken Royster

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  Charles Smith